Lost Explanations

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lost Explanations/Objasnjenja

On the Island is a river. This river runs from its source in high ground (one of the large hills), down into a valley, and then into an underground cave. There it cascades over a waterfall, and builds up into a pool, the Source Pool. Here it mixes with The Light, and flows out towards the sea through an underground river. As it flows out to sea, it mixes with sea water and dissipates across the world, into the clouds, and into all the water of the world, eventually passing into the bodies of all people and animals.

The Light is the currency of time. Although light in general is a wave, The Light is a fluorescent particle, which dissolves in water. The Light allows all events to occur. It is time itself. The particles of The Light do not have a fixed time and space. This is their power, that they can slide backwards and forwards without a linear progression. Without The Light, time stops and nothing can live, or die. It has incredible high electromagnetic properties, which cause people and animals in close proximity to become unhinged in time, in high enough doses. As the Mother says to Jacob and MiB, it brings life and death. The Source Pool in the cave is where all The Light in the world comes from, and thus is the source of time.

When the water leaves the Source Pool, it travels through a river to the coast, under various parts of the Island. Many of these places were located by the various inhabitants of the Island including The Others, Jacob and his brothers people and Dharma. These include The Swan Hatch, The Orchid and the various wells. At these locations, the electromagnetism is at a relatively safe level compared with the Source Pool, and experiments can take place. The sea around the island has an abnormally high amount of The Light in it. This is why there is a time delay when Faraday sends his rocket from the Freighter to the Beach.

At some point, the Man in Black (MiB) discovered if he altered the flow of the river he could unhinge the Island in time. He created the wheel under the future site of The Orchid, and created a series of locks to dam the water and redirect it. The wheel controlled this movement.

When the stream is blocked, The Light is contained inside the Island. This means the rest of the world stops moving through time (something that the rest of the world would not experience, you could only view it if you were on the Island). The Island, however, would keep progressing.

The detonation of Jughead in 1977 was always meant to happen. This is why The Swan exists in the first place, and the remains of it still exist when the Losties are send back to the Present (which occurs due to their exposure to a very high concentration of The Light). The bomb caused the underground river to be revealed. This means a high concentration of The Light would be released all the time, which would be dangerous. The Swan hatch is the nearest known source to the Source Pool. This is known because the bamboo forest is close to the beach (as its where Jack woke up), and the Swan is fairly close also (close enough for John and Boone to get from there back to the beach quite quickly).

The Dharma initiative could have just plugged the breach, but they wanted to experiment on it, due to it's concentrated nature (far more concentrated than The Orchid). They put scientists into the Swan, and quarantined them in, telling them that the air was poisoned. After the Purge, the Swan scientists carried on without the knowledge of the purge, as they were locked inside. The supply drops are drops sent using The Orchid. Using the power of The Light, during a lockdown event, a message is sent back in time to the 1970s Orchid, who send a supply drop forward in time to the source of the message.

Every 108 minutes the button must be pressed to diffuse the build up of The Light and allow the river to carry on running. The failsafe detonates via implosion the mechanism Dharma set up for the experiments, removing the danger but destroying The Swan. It was put there just in case the experiments got out of control. When Oceanic flight 815 flew overhead during event, The Light seeped upwards as electromagnetic waves which ripped the plane apart, causing the crash. The same light also brought the survivors down to the ground in a fairly safe manner, explaining why so many people survived a pretty horrific plane crash. A similar thing happened when Juliet was pulled down into the Swan construction site in the 1970s, which is why she survived.

When Ben turned the wheel, he knocked it off axis. This meant the The Light was still moving out from the Island, but inconsistently. The Island jumped through time, as it's relative position with the rest of the world was in constant flux. When Locke moved the wheel, it restored the flow, but being in close proximity to The Light (which happens during the turning) moved him in spacetime (to Tunisia).

The sickness is caused by people drinking the water downstream from the Source Pool. This water has a high concentration of The Light, and can cause people to become unhinged from time and, from their point of view, reality, causing insanity.

At exactly the right concentration, drinking The Light can make you have supernatural powers. These include the ability to accelerate and control healing (Jacobs touching Locke helped repair a lot of the damage of his fall) and the ability to stop the visible effects of aging. When a Guardian (Mother, Jacob, Jack) pass on the torch to the next Guardian, they drink from a part of the stream very nearby to the Source Pool. In this water is the correct concentration of The Light required. The touch of the previous Guardian seals the deal, and grants you the same power (which lasts forever, or at least until all of The Light has left your body).

If The Light goes out (it stops being mixed with the river in the Source Pool), time in the outside world slows down to a halt (once all of the current Light has been used up). However, because all the particles are connected, extinguishing The Light also means that The Guardian will lose his or her powers, making them mortal.

When Desmond removed the stone and the water stopped mixing with The Light, the Island started to sink. This is because the Island is a separate entity from the Earths crust - the only way which it can move (if it was a joined entity, it wouldn't be able to move independently). It stays afloat because it is constantly moving.

When the stone is removed, there is still some Light left in the water around the cave. This is why Jack was able to pass his powers on to Hurley. When all the Light is used up, the island sinks.

Because Kate kills MiB, all the events leading up to her doing that have to happen. Therefore, for the continuation of The Light, all of the people who effected her and caused her to walk that path on the Island must live. These are the names of the candidates that Jacob found. They are the people who collectively will kill the evil on the Island.

Because he knows this, Jacob allows the candidates to chose. They can be the Guardian if they like, it doesn't matter who does it, as he knows together they will win his war against his brother. This is how Jacob won.

Anyone who is a Guardian, or who helps in guarding The Light moves upon death to a parallel universe which exists as if The Light had gone out, and they never had contact with the Island, or the previous Guardian (in this case, Jacob). This flash sideways universe is slowly dying as The Light is not being replaced. As more and more of the candidates die, they all move into the universe. When Jack dies, he moves into that universe too. You can stay there as long as you like with the people you love. Christian is the first to move on, as he is from the previous generation and already has made peace with the world. One by one, the candidates will pass over into The Light, and be absorbed into it.

When you die, you go to a place, and that place can last for a nano-second or can be an extended period of time, where you have to remember your own death and all of the people that were instrumental, that you loved the most and helped you the most, and were the most important to you, you have to remember all of them and remembering them lead up to the moment that you died before you can move on.

After Jack’s death, Hurley and Ben continue to run the island, and look after it for many centuries, until Hurley uses the same foresight as Jacob to create a new list of candidates who will protect the island from evil. He allows people to come and go from the island, something which Jacob never allowed. When eventually Hurley and Ben die, all of the candidates are now in the sideways timeline, and their memories begin to be awoken. Because the timeline is unhinged in time, they all start the timeline at the time they first arrived on the Island (September 22nd 2004), but all leave the main timeline at different times (their deaths). The older characters (the Witmores etc) who came to the Island much earlier return to THAT time instead of September 22nd. I also assume that Richard Alpert moved to the FST, but he moved back to the 18th century.

Desmond as the only one aware of purgatory on the island makes sense due to his "specialness." Speaking of which, with the many characters who, rightly or wrongly, were called "special" throughout the series, Desmond was probably the one who deserved that title the most.

All of Desmond’s ‘episodes’ (when he turned the failsafe etc) are his brain moving to the FST. When Desmond goes back to buying the ring, Eloise is the only one in the FST universe with memories of the main timeline (as the time she arrived on the Island a long time before the current Losties), which is why she is his ‘guide’ during his first jump - she knows what is going to happen as she has lived through it.

Eloise tried to stop Desmond from making the Losties remember, because she wanted to keep Faraday in the FST as her wanting to live in a reality where she never killed her son. Thats also why she asked Desmond if he is going to take him too. But he replied "not with me". And in a way, it's true, but it's also a little sad for Faraday, Ana Lucia and others (Walt?) who haven't fully remembered, or aren't ready to, "let go."

Mostly written by some guy from The Fuselage, but some parts at the end are added and written by Zeratul (me).

First ...
The Island:

It was real. Everything that happened on the island that we saw throughout the 6 seasons was real. Forget the final image of the plane crash, it was put in purposely to f*&k with people's heads and show how far the show had come. They really crashed. They really survived. They really discovered Dharma and the Others. The Island keeps the balance of good and evil in the world. It always has and always will perform that role. And the Island will always need a "Protector". Jacob wasn't the first, Hurley won't be the last. However, Jacob had to deal with a malevolent force (MIB) that his mother, nor Hurley had to deal with. He created the devil and had to find a way to kill him -- even though the rules prevented him from actually doing so.

Thus began Jacob's plan to bring candidates to the Island to do the one thing he couldn't do. Kill the MIB. He had a huge list of candidates that spanned generations. Yet every time he brought people there, the MIB corrupted them and caused them to kill one another. That was until Richard came along and helped Jacob understand that if he didn't take a more active role, then his plan would never work.

Enter Dharma -- which I'm not sure why John is having such a hard time grasping. Dharma, like the countless scores of people that were brought to the island before, were brought there by Jacob as part of his plan to kill the MIB. However, the MIB was aware of this plan and interfered by "corrupting" Ben. Making Ben believe he was doing the work of Jacob when in reality he was doing the work of the MIB. This carried over into all of Ben's "off-island" activities. He was the leader. He spoke for Jacob as far as they were concerned. So the "Others" killed Dharma and later were actively trying to kill Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and all the candidates because that's what the MIB wanted. And what he couldn't do for himself.

Dharma was originally brought in to be good. But was turned bad by MIB's corruption and eventually destroyed by his pawn Ben. Now, was Dharma only brought there to help Jack and the other Candidates on their overall quest to kill Smokey? Or did Jacob have another list of Candidates from the Dharma group that we were never aware of? That's a question that is purposely not answered because whatever answer the writers came up with would be worse than the one you come up with for yourself. Still ... Dharma's purpose is not "pointless" or even vague. Hell, it's pretty blatant.

Still, despite his grand plan, Jacob wanted to give his "candidates" (our Lostaways) the one thing he, nor his brother, were ever afforded: free will. Hence him bringing a host of "candidates" through the decades and letting them "choose" which one would actually do the job in the end. Maybe he knew Jack would be the one to kill Flocke and that Hurley would be the protector in the end. Maybe he didn't. But that was always the key question of the show: Fate vs Free-will. Science vs Faith. Personally I think Jacob knew from the beginning what was going to happen and that everyone played a part over 6 seasons in helping Jack get to the point where he needed to be to kill Smokey and make Hurley the protector -- I know that's how a lot of the writers viewed it. But again, they won't answer that (nor should they) because that ruins the fun.

In the end, Jack got to do what he always wanted to do from the very first episode of the show: Save his fellow Lostaways. He got Kate and Sawyer off the island and he gave Hurley the purpose in life he'd always been missing. And, in Sideways world (which we'll get to next) he in fact saved everyone by helping them all move on ...


Sideways World:

Sideways world is where it gets really cool in terms of theology and metaphysical discussion (for me at least -- because I love history/religion theories and loved all the talks in the writer's room about it). Basically what the show is proposing is that we're all linked to certain people during our lives. Call them soulmates (though it's not exactly the best word). But these people we're linked to are with us during "the most important moments of our lives" as Christian said. These are the people we move through the universe with from lifetime to lifetime. It's loosely based in Hinduism with large doses of western religion thrown into the mix.

The conceit that the writers created, basing it off these religious philosophies, was that as a group, the Lostaways subconsciously created this "sideways" world where they exist in purgatory until they are "awakened" and find one another. Once they all find one another, they can then move on and move forward. In essence, this is the show's concept of the afterlife. According to the show, everyone creates their own "Sideways" purgatory with their "soulmates" throughout their lives and exist there until they all move on together. That's a beautiful notion. Even if you aren't religious or even spiritual, the idea that we live AND die together is deeply profound and moving.

It's a really cool and spiritual concept that fits the whole tone and subtext the show has had from the beginning. These people were SUPPOSED to be together on that plane. They were supposed to live through these events -- not JUST because of Jacob. But because that's what the universe or God (depending on how religious you wish to get) wanted to happen. The show was always about science vs faith -- and it ultimately came down on the side of faith. It answered THE core question of the series. The one question that has been at the root of every island mystery, every character backstory, every plot twist. That, by itself, is quite an accomplishment.

How much you want to extrapolate from that is up to you as the viewer. Think about season 1 when we first found the Hatch. Everyone thought that's THE answer! Whatever is down there is the answer! Then, as we discovered it was just one station of many. One link in a very long chain that kept revealing more, and more of a larger mosaic.

But the writer's took it even further this season by contrasting this Sideways "purgatory" with the Island itself. Remember when Michael appeared to Hurley, he said he was not allowed to leave the Island. Just like the MIB. He wasn't allowed into this sideways world and thus, was not afforded the opportunity to move on. Why? Because he had proven himself to be unworthy with his actions on the Island. He failed the test. The others, passed. They made it into Sideways world when they died -- some before Jack, some years later. In Hurley's case, maybe centuries later. They exist in this sideways world until they are "awakened" and they can only move on TOGETHER because they are linked. They are destined to be together for eternity. That was their destiny.

They were NOT linked to Anna Lucia, Daniel, Roussou, Alex, Miles, Lupidis, (and all the rest who weren't in the chuch -- basically everyone who wasn't in season 1). Yet those people exist in Sideways world. Why? Well again, here's where they leave it up to you to decide. The way I like to think about it, is that those people who were left behind in Sideways world have to find their own soulmates before they can wake up. It's possible that those links aren't people from the island but from their other life (Anna's partner, the guy she shot --- Roussou's husband, etc etc).

A lot of people have been talking about Ben and why he didn't go into the Church. And if you think of Sideways world in this way, then it gives you the answer to that very question. Ben can't move on yet because he hasn't connected with the people he needs to. It's going to be his job to awaken Roussou, Alex, Anna Lucia (maybe), Ethan, Goodspeed, his father and the rest. He has to attone for his sins more than he did by being Hurley's number two. He has to do what Hurley and Desmond did for our Lostaways with his own people. He has to help them connect. And he can only move on when all the links in his chain are ready to. Same can be said for Faraday, Charlotte, Whidmore, Hawkins etc. It's really a neat, and cool concept. At least to me.

But, from a more "behind the scenes" note: the reason Ben's not in the church, and the reason no one is in the church but for Season 1 people is because they wrote the ending to the show after writing the pilot. And never changed it. The writers always said (and many didn't believe them) that they knew their ending from the very first episode. I applaud them for that. It's pretty fantastic. Originally Ben was supposed to have a 3 episode arc and be done. But he became a big part of the show. They could have easily changed their ending and put him in the church -- but instead they problem solved it. Gave him a BRILLIANT moment with Locke outside the church ... and then that was it. I loved that. For those that wonder -- the original ending started the moment Jack walked into the church and touches the casket to Jack closing his eyes as the other plane flies away. That was always JJ's ending. And they kept it.

For me the ending of this show means a lot. Not only because I worked on it, but because as a writer it inspired me in a way the medium had never done before. I've been inspired to write by great films. Maybe too many to count. And there have been amazing TV shows that I've loved (X-Files, 24, Sopranos, countless 1/2 hour shows). But none did what LOST did for me. None showed me that you could take huge risks (writing a show about faith for network TV) and stick to your creative guns and STILL please the audience. I learned a lot from the show as a writer. I learned even more from being around the incredible writers, producers, PAs, interns and everyone else who slaved on the show for 6 years.

In the end, for me, LOST was a touchstone show that dealt with faith, the afterlife, and all these big, spiritual questions that most shows don't touch. And to me, they never once wavered from their core story -- even with all the sci-fi elements they mixed in. To walk that long and daunting of a creative tightrope and survive is simply ASTOUNDING.

Written by Bad Robot, who worked on the show.

Na ostrvu postoji reka. Ova reka tece iz svog izvora u srednjoj zemlji (jedno od velikih brda), dole u dolinu, a zatim u podzemne pecine. Tu se kaskada iznad vodopada, i sliva se u bazen, Izvorni Bazen (Source Pool). Ovde se mesa sa Svetloscu (The Light), i istice ka moru kroz podzemne reke. Dok tece u more, mesa se sa morskom vodom i odvodi se sirom sveta, u oblake, i u sve vode u svetu, konacno prolazeci u tela svih ljudi i zivotinja.

Svetlost je tok vremena. Iako je obicno svetlo u sustini talas, Svetlost je fluorescentna cestica koja se rastvara u vodi. Svetlo omogucava svim dogadjajima da se dese. It is time itself. Cestice Svetlosti nemaju fiksno vreme i prostor. Ovo je njihova moc, da mogu da idu unazad i unapred bez linearnog napretka. Bez Svetlosti, vreme se zaustavlja i nista ne moze ziveti, ili umreti. Ono ima neverovatno visoka elektromagnetska svojstva, koja prouzrokuju da ljudi i zivotine u neposrednoj blizini postanu uneravnotezljeni u vremenu, u dovoljno velikim kolicinama. Kao sto majka (The Mother) kaze Jacobu i MiB, ono donosi zivot i smrt. Izvorni Bazen u pecinama je mesto odakle sva Svetlost sveta dolazi, pa je samim tim i izvor vremena.

Kada voda napusti Izvorni Bazen, ona putuje kroz reku do obale, u raznim delovima ostrva. Mnogi od ovih mesta su otkrivena od strane raznih stanovnika ostrva, ukljucujuci The Others, Jacoba i ljudi njegovog brata, i Dharme. Ovo ukljucuje The Swan Hatch, The Orchid i razne bunare. Na ovim lokacijama, elektromagnetizam je na relativno bezbednom nivou u odnosu na Izvorni Bazen, i eksperimenti se mogu odrzati. More oko ostrva ima nenormalno visoku kolicinu Svetlosti u sebi. To je razlog zasto postoji kasnjenje, kada Faraday salje svoje rakete od broda do plaze.

U nekom trenutku, Covek u Crnom (the Man in Black-MiB) je oktrio da ako bi izmenio tok reke mogo bi da izbaci ostrvo iz normalnog toka vremena. On je napravio tocak ispod buduceg mesta The Orchid-a, i stvorio je niz brana da preusmere tok reke. Tocak je kontrolisao pokrete brane.

Kad je tok blokiran, Svetlost je zadrzana unutar ostrva. To znaci da ostatak sveta zaustavlja da se krece kroz vreme (nesto sto ostatak sveta ne bi iskusio, moze se samo videti ako si na ostrvu). Ostrvo bi, medjutim, nastavilo.

Ekslozija Jugheada 1977 je oduvek trebala da se dogodi. To je razlog zasto The Swan postoji na prvom mestu, kao sto i njegovi ostatci jos uvek postoje kad se svi vrate u sadasnjost (sto se desava zbog izlaganja veoma visokoj koncentraciji Svetlosti). Bomba prouzrokuje da podzemna reka bude orkrivena. To znaci da ce velika koncentracija Svetlosti biti pustena svo vreme, sto bi bilo opasno. The Swan je najblizi poznat izvor Izvornom Bazenu. Ovo je poznato jer je bambus u sumi blizu plaze (kao kada se Jack probudio), a The Swan je takodje veoma blizu (dovoljno blizu za Lock-a i Boone-a da se vrate odatle do plaze prilicno brzo).

Dharma je mogla jednostavno da prikljuci prekid, ali su hteli da eksperimentisu na njemu, zbog njene koncentrisane prirode (mnogo vise koncentrisane nego The Orchid). Oni su stavili naucnike u The Swan, stavili ih u karantin, govoreci im da je napolju vazduh otrovan. Nakon Ciscenja (the Purge), naucnici u The Swan-u su nastavili da rade bez znanja o Ciscenju, posto su bili zakljucani. Posiljke hrane (The Supply Drops) su isporuke poslate pomocu The Orchid. Koriscenjem moci Svetlosti, tokom zakljucavanja (The Lockdown), poruka se salje nazad u vreme do 1970 The Orchid, koji salju posiljke napred u vreme do izvora poruke.

Svakih 108 minuta dugme mora biti pritisnuto da bi se rasula nabijena Svetlost i da bi se omogucilo da reka nastavi da tece. Fail-safe detonira preko implozije, mehanizam koji je Dharma napravio za eksperimente, uklanjajuci opasnost, ali unistavajuci The Swan. Napravljen je za slucaj da eksperiment izbije van kontrole. Kada je Oceanic let 815 leteo iznad u toku dogadjaja, Svetlost je prodirala na gore kao elektromagnetski talasi koji su raskomadali avion, prouzrokovajuci pad. Ista Svetlost je takodje dovela prezivele dole na zemlju na prilicno siguran nacin, objasnjavajuci zasto je tolko ljudi prezivelo prilicno zastrasujucu avionsku nesrecu. Slicna stvar se desila kada je Juliet bila povucena na gradilistu The Swan-a u 1970toj, sto je razlog zasto je prezivela.

Kada je Ben okrenuo tocak, on ga je izbacio van ose. To je znacilo da se Svetlost jos uvek kretala iz Ostrva, ali nesaglasno. Ostrvo je skakalo kroz vreme, jer je relativni polozaj sa ostatkom sveta u stalnom fluksu (neprekidno kretanje). Kada je Locke pomerio tocak, on je obnovio tok, ali posto se nalazio u neposrednoj blizini Svetlu (sto se desilo za vreme okretanja) ono ga je pomerilo u vremenu i prostoru (u Tunis).

Bolest (The Sickness) je prouzrokovana od strane ljudi koji piju vodu niz reku iz Izvornog Bazena. Ova voda ima visoku koncentraciju Svetlosti, i moze da izazove da ljudi postanu izglavljeni iz vremena i, sa njihove tacke gledista, realnosti, izazivajuci ludilo.

Sa upravo ispravnom koncentracijom, ispijanjem Svetlosti mozete dobiti natprirodne moci. To ukljucuje mogucnost da se ubrza i kontrolisanje isceljenja (Jacobovo pipanje Locka je pomoglo popraviti mnogo stete od njegovog pada) i sposobnost da se zaustave vidljivi efekti starenja. Kada zastitnik (Guardian) (Majka, Jacob, Jack) prenose svoju ulogu do sledeceg zastitnika, piju iz dela potoka koji je veoma blizu Izvornom Bazenu. U tom delu potoka voda ima ispravnu koncentraciju Svetlosti koja je potrebna. Dodir prethodnog zastitnika zapecacuje posao, i daje vam iste moci (koje traju zauvek, ili barem dok sva Svetlost ne napusti vase telo).

Ako se Svetlo ugasi (prestane da se mesa sa rekom u Izvornom Bazenu), vreme u spoljnom svetu se usporava sve dok se kompletno ne zauztavi (kad se sva preostala Svetlost iskoristi). Medjutim, posto su sve cestice povezane, gasenje svetlosti takodje znaci da ce zastitnici izgubiti svoje moci, cineci ih smrtne.

Kada je Desmond uklonio kamen i kada je voda prestala da se mesa sa Svetloscu, ostrvo je pocelo da tone. To je zato sto je ostrvo poseban entitet od kore sveta - jedini nacin na koji moze da se krece (da je spojen entitet, ne bi moglo da se krece nezavisno). Pluta jer je stalno u pokretu.

Kad je kamen uklonjen, u vodi oko pecine je jos uvek ostalo malo Svetlosti. Zato je Jack mogao da prenese svoje moci Hurley-u. Kad se sva Svetlost istrosi, ostrvo potone.

Zbog toga sto je Kate ubila MiB, svi dogadjaji koji su je doveli do toga da to uradi moraju da se dese. Dakle, za nastavak Svetlosti, svi ljudi koji su delovali na nju i izazvali da hoda taj put na ostrvu moraju da zive. To su imena kandidata koje je Jacob nasao. Oni su ljudi koji ce zajednicki ubiti zlo na ostrvu.

Jacob je znao to, zato je dozvolio kandidatima da izaberu. Oni mogu da budu zastitnici ako zele, nije bitno ko ce to ciniti, zato sto on zna da ce zajedno pobediti njegov rat protiv njegovog brata. To je nacin na koji je Jacob pobedio.

Svako ko je zastitnik, ili koji pomaze u cuvanju Svetlosti premesta se prilikom smrti u paralelni unirvezum koji postoji kao da je Svetlost nestala, a oni nikad nisu imali kontakt sa ostrvom, ili prethodnim zastitnicima (u ovom slucaju Jacob). Ovaj flash sideways universe lagano umire zato sto se svetlost ne zamenjuje. Kako sve vise i vise kandidata umire, svi se premestaju u FST unirvezum. Kad Jack umre, on se premesta u taj unirvezum takodje. Tamo mozete ostati dokle god zelite sa ljudima koje volite. Christian je prvi koji "ide dalje", zato sto je on iz prethodnih generacija i vec je sklopio mir sa svetom. Jedan po jedan, kandidati ce proci preko u Svetlost, i biti upijeni u njemu.

Kada umrete, idete na mesto, i to mesto moze da traje nanosekundu ili moze biti duzi vremenski period, gde morate da se setite vase smrti i svih ljudi koji su bili kljucni, koje ste voleli najvise i koji su vam pomogli najvise, i koji su vam bili najvazniji, morate da se setite svih njih, i sva ta secanja ce dovesti do momenta kada ste umrli, pre nego sto mozete da "idete dalje".

Posle Jackove smrti, Hurley i Ben nastavljaju da vode ostrvo, i paze na njega jos mnogo vekova, sve dok Hurley ne iskoristi isto predvidjanje kao sto je Jacob koristio da napravi novu listu kandidata koji ce cuvati ostrvo od zla. On dozvoljava ljudima da dolaze i odlaze sa ostrva, nesto sto Jacob nikad nije dozvoljavao. Kada konacno Hurley i Ben umru, svi kandidati su sada u sideways timeline-u, i njihovo secanje pocinje da se budi. Sobzirom da je FST (flash sideways timeline) izglavljeno iz vremena, svi oni pocinju u vreme kad su prvi put stigli na ostrvo (Septembar 22gi 2004te), ali svi napustaju glavni timeline u razlicitim vremenima (njihova smrt). Stariji likovi (Witmores na primer) koji su dosli na ostrvo mnogo pre vracaju se u TO vreme, umesto u Septembar 22gi. Takodje pretpostavljam da Richard Alpert takodje prelazi u FST, ali se vraca u 18sti vek.

Desmond kao jedini svestan cistilista (FST) na ostrvu ima smislja zbog njegove "specijalnosti". Vec kad smo kod toga, mnogo likova koji su sa pravom ili pogresno bili nazvani "specijalni" tokom serije, Desmond je verovatno onaj koji je zasluzio tu titulu najvise.

Sve Desmendove epizode (kad je aktivirao Fail-Safe) su njegov mozak koji putuje u FST. Kad se Desmond vrati da kupi prsten, Eloise je jedina osoba u FST unirvezumu sa secanjima iz glavnog vremena (vreme u koje je ona dolsa na ostrvo je mnogo pre glavnih likova), zbog cega je ona njegov "vodic" tokom njegovog prvog putovanja kroz vreme - ona zna sta ce se desiti jer je vec to prozivela.

Eloise je pokusala da zaustavi Desmonda da pomogne glavnim likovima da se sete, zato sto je zelela da zadrzi Faraday u FST zato sto zeli da zivi u realnosti gde ona nikad nije ubila svog sina. To je takodje razlog zasto je pitala Desmonda da li ce i njega povesti sa sobom. Ali on je odgovorio "ne samnom". I na neki nacin, to je tacno, ali je takodje malo tuzno za Faraday-a, Anu Luciu i ostale (Walt?) koji se nisu potpuno prisetili, ili nisu jos spremni da "idu dalje". e